Pauline Underwood Memorial Scholarship

The Legislative Initiative Against the Death Penalty will be holding the Pauline Underwood Memorial Writing contest for members of the high school class of 2016. The first prize is $1,000, with one honorable mention recipient receiving $500. All student authors will receive a certificate suitable for framing and be honored at a dinner in May.

Scholarship Directions


  1. Write a letter for publication which is about one double spaced typewritten page in length. The letter should convince people who read it that your state should abolish the death penalty. If your state has already abolished the death penalty the letter should explain why you approve.
  2. All quotations and paraphrases should be noted in the text of your letter. (Example: The Green Valley Weekly states on page A6, 10/10/15, that “killing prisoners is NEVER necessary.”) Do not use footnotes or a bibliography in your letter. A good letter will concentrate on one or a few reasons that the death penalty must be abolished. Give references that support your belief. You may want to make a passionate argument about the evils of the death penalty. Pour your heart out!
  3. BEFORE FEBRUARY 1, 2016 send three hard copies of your letter and your scholarship application to: St. Theresa Church, 1300 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070, ATTN: Elaine Herald.

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