LIADP is Seeking Volunteers

LIADP is seeking volunteers for the following jobs:

  • Participate in board meetings. LIADP seeks both fresh ideas and support for old ideas. The Board meets at Project Share in Carlisle, usually on Tuesday afternoons, but time and place are flexible. The next meeting is scheduled for September 10.
  • Handle working with the press to publicize the essay contest for high school seniors before and after the scholarship is awarded for the winning essay.
  • Work to expand outreach to eligible students.
  • Serve as Master of Ceremonies at the awards dinner.
  • Help to organize judging of the student essays.
  • Serve as photographer.
  • Submit a short article or book review for the newsletter
  • Ability to send breaking news and requests for action to people who have asked for this information.

Please let Joan Anderson know if you can help: (717) 789-3881

Notice: LIADP is arranging for every PA senator to get one or more hand written letters about the death penalty.


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